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As a human beings, we live in three-dimensional space. As we observe this world with our two-dimensional, though stereoscopic vision, probably we miss most of reality, some scientists say.

This artwork series is a mathematical visualization of upper dimensions by Denis Rossiev. To keep it as pure & aesthetic abstraction, author decided to refuse existing 3D applications and developed a custom 4D real-time renderer.

There are no pre-made objects, just a pure code. Everything is generated procedurally in real time: geometry, materials, lights. This not only maintains the idea but also allows to embed visualization into existing engines, like Unity, Unreal, or even Instagram Social AR.


Avaliable on Rarible. Every buyer also gets an AR effect: try on Instagram

What if we had a true 3D vision? Imagine a flat piece of paper. Draw something on it. Now imagine a 2D essence living on this piece. They can see and feel only a part of your drawing, which is the only reality for them.

Unlike them, as a higher-dimension being, you can see the whole image. Just because you can shift through another dimension.

Observing this artwork, we can partially experience a four-dimensional life and travel through the higher space.
The further we travel, the world is bending more and more, and sometimes GPU precision becomes insufficient to render, so the image is reducting to noise.


Avaliable on Rarible. More cards coming soon.
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