• The goal of this project was to create not just an AR effect where people can observe or interact, but build whatever they want, turning it into a powerful creative tool right inside the Instagram camera. Blocky Minecraft style fits well!


    1. Create a world. Yes, you can create, save and load multiple worlds!
    2. Tap to place a grid. Start building!
    3. Rotate and resize a world while building.
    4. You can dig inside the ground! No limits. Try to place a water block in a pit!
    5. Fast double-tap or use a shovel to remove blocks.
    6. There are more materials than it seems: different types of stone, sand, glass, plants, etc. Almost every has options!
    7. Long tap a block to fast change, or long tap somewhere outside to cycle through additional materials hidden in the selected picker button.
    8. With a timelapse you can load a world, start recording and show the building process in a fast-forward mode.

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